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I have a campaign of 5th edition D&D ending soon, as as a gift for our players I would like to commission a portrait of all of our characters.

The piece would contain 6 different characters - 3 humans, a dwarf, a half-elf, and a half-orc, standing in various "epic" poses most likely against a backdrop of green fields and blue sky!
This is the core of the artwork, and I will be able to provide physical descriptions of each character, along with a hint of backstory if that helps in the process of illustration!

I am open to different styles, but I prefer it if it looks like D&D artwork (more "realistic" fantasy and less anime-ish). Examples of what I mean can be found here:
(All art from official D&D 5th Ed. Sourcebooks)
But, like I said, I am open to see what is out there!

Depending on the level of ambitiousness the artist is willing to accept, optional additions to the artwork may include: a village in the background, perhaps a flying dragon or two, and/or some way to signify/illustrate the DM (either a hand rolling a dice in the sky, or some sneaky way to include our DM's favorite black d20, or something else entirely!)

My price point is flexible, so if you have certain rates or an estimate of what this might cost, please include it! I understand that this is a rather grand scale piece, and with greater complexity comes greater time and effort into making it, and thus the artist should be adequately compensated. 

If you are interested, please show me a sample of your work, alongside both a price estimate and an estimate of time to completion (if at all possible!). I will reply when I have time, apologies if I am not super fast to reply! (work gets in the way, you know!)

If you have any other questions, let me know, and thank you for reading and possibly considering this offer!


Journal History


That is all.

Actually wait, that is not all.
Sorry I have not been active recently. I do still want to continue learning to draw, I just have other things I have to take care of first.

In short, I'm not dead, just sleeping!

So, have more Sweetie Belle!


So good. ALL the references. And Vanellope is ADORABLE. :iconvanellopeplz:


That is all.


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United States
-First and foremost, I'm a diver! I also fancy myself somewhat of an underwater photographer (even though I'm cheap with equipment!)

-Expect to see some of my better shots uploaded here! They are by no means professional >_< But I like them!

-A fundamental point about my photography: I am a steward of the earth and it's beautiful reef ecosystems. I will NEVER touch the coral (which take hundreds of years to grow!), and I will NEVER harass the wildlife to get a better shot, even if it means missing the perfect opportunity. The reefs are there to appreciate, not to destroy!

-I'm also a brony! I favorite and follow pony stuff. Sometimes the two passions combine!

Thanks for any and all pageviews, comments, etc.

Keep on rockin'!


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In fact, I can do you one better than just that brohoof - [link]
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